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Test Management Process in Software Testing

This tool provides secure hosting, secure communication, and reliable data. With the help of this tool, we can manage the release and authoring the test and execution. This tool offers integration to other HP products like Load runner and UFT. Hence, while managing your work processes, do not save on testing, as this mistake could become a colossal blunder and a costly expenditure later. Reutilizing the test assets, such as test cases, procedures, etc., can save effort and time.

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DevOps can be beneficial as it concentrates on the close association of the developers, operation team, and testers. It helps maintain uniformity in upcoming releases, lower defects, facilitates rapid software development, speeds up business growth, etc. Different kinds of testing procedures need different types of testing approaches. Therefore, a test strategy based on your software testing requirement is always recommended. Such an approach could help you reap better test results and quickly deliver a high-quality product. Software testing, like design and creation, is integral to the Software Development Life Cycle .


120+ integrations with third-party tools for CI/CD, Project Management, Codeless Automation, Test Management tools, and more. This is where online testing cloud platforms like LambdaTest makes your life easier. A common structure used in most smaller companies is the matrix structure. This flexibility is particularly valuable when there is a large volume of projects and limited resources.

what is test management

It provides powerful tools and features to help teams create, execute, and track their tests within Jira. Additionally, test management tools can minimize data duplication and streamline the testing process, leading to fewer issues and delays. Unfortunately, many QA teams still rely on outdated methods such as Google spreadsheets or documents for test case management instead of taking advantage of the benefits of the software. For example, a project team leader would like a report that shows the number of test cases executed per release or Defect by status for multiple projects.

End-to-end Traceability

BrowserStack helps you seamlessly test on 3000+ different real devices and browsers. Finally, go one step further and look for a solution that can integrate with the other enterprise systems you already have in place, making sharing data and managing workflows that much easier. This is when all the testers and test managers get busy executing the assigned tests. Updating task statuses to feed into status reports for your stakeholders.

  • Reports & Metrics Track, view, and share test results from every angle with built-in reports.
  • Poll the People is an easy-to-use market research platform to test assets like ads, logos, branding, products, and more using our dedicated user panel.
  • This defines the test scope, strategy, objectives, suspension/exit criteria, resource planning, test deliverables, time scheduling, etc.
  • You should also identify and resolve any issues, risks, or changes that may affect the test execution.
  • While working under the pressure of limited time and limited resources, reusing test artifacts within a project or across a project can improve the efficiency of the testing team.
  • Include assumptions that apply to the test and execute any preconditions before the test can be.
  • For example, technical users may require a tool that supports SQL queries to create specific reports and features to obtain the desired information quickly.

Test management tools help to collect, organize and communicate information about the testing on a project. When searching for a test management tool, consider the list of integrations the package offers. These integrations enable the software to work with other vendors’ systems, making it easier to exchange data.

#01 Improve Software Quality

The test process evaluation involves assessing the test effectiveness, efficiency, and quality. The test process improvement involves identifying the test strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You should evaluate and improve the test process by using the test results, metrics, reports, reviews, and feedback. You should also apply the best practices, standards, and models for test management.

what is test management

Below, we will break down the test management process, including why it’s important, how to implement it, and differenttest management tools you can utilize to streamline the process. A test management platform allows full visibility and traceability of all test phases. Integration with CI/CD tools and test automation tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. TestFLO offers numerous configuration options for Agile Teams and Projects, a seamless connection with requirements and defects, extensive reporting that combines all JIRA metrics, and more. By integrating with your preferred tools, you may customize roles, test reports, filters, and more.

Selective QA Interview Questions for Managers to Ask

What will you do when your project runs out of resources or exceeds the time schedule? You need to Monitor and Control Test activities to bring it back on schedule. Test Estimation is approximately determining how long a task would take to complete. Estimating effort for the test is one of the major and important tasks in Test Management. LoadRunner Family Deliver high-performing applications with continuous performance engineering.

what is test management

The data used in Test Evaluation are based on the test results data and test result summary. When these issues arise, you have to be ready to deal with them – or they can potentially affect the project’s outcome. In this step, the Test Manager takes action to correct the deviations from the plan. In some cases, the plan has to be adjusted according to project situation. Test Monitoring and Control is the process of overseeing all the metrics necessary to ensure that the project is running well, on schedule, and not out of budget. Generally speaking, you need to organize an effective Testing Team.

Processing and Organizing Data

The execution and management of test strategies and test resources should be proper. The Test management software should also notify you of any issues and document all tests and their findings. Team members produce detailed and helpful reports on test results and progress throughout the test procedures. Gain real-time insights into application quality and easily create new bugs when tests fail. Many test management tools remove manual processes, while others focus more on tracking and analytics. Businesses should choose a tool that can reduce manual processes if that is something they want to achieve.

what is test management

When preconditions are met, testers use a series of instructions to check the software’s behavior against its expected results. When defined appropriately, they allow the QA professional to clearly communicate which requirements fail and which are successfully met. Reports & Metrics Track, view, and share test results from every angle with built-in reports. Run & Track Test Runs Execute professional-grade test runs with no experience required. Read this eBook to uncover the five most common errors to watch out for when manually testing your ServiceNow environment.

Integrate existing tools for seamless tracking

These teams frequently suffer from poor quality, coverage gaps, release bottlenecks, and missed opportunities to add value through testing. To release software efficiently and confidently, you need robust and trusted test cases, whether the goal is to validate feature functionality or to ensure regressions do not slip through to end-users. Because of the growing importance of test automation, you really need a test management tool that can easily integrate with automation tools and other CI/CD Tools. Test management tools help testers greatly because they tell us exactly where the bug is, how certain features work, and where a little extra finesse is required. Finally, keep your test architecture and libraries separate from your test automation tool.

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